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Collision Cells & Analyzers

  • Problems solved by AP (atmospheric pressure) & High Pressure Analyzers, Filters and Reaction Cells- These patent address novel methods for isolating, filtering, and analyzing complex mixtures of ions at atmospheric pressure. As sources become more efficient and higher in current, the need to remove excess charge and isolate species within the ion population becomes important.

  • Novelty of APQ, DC Cells & AC Filters- We have developed atmospheric pressure (AP) quadrupolar and plate filters to create high-pass filters to remove excess reagent ion current from sample ion streams, low-pass filters to remove excess particles and unwanted high molecular weight material, and band-pass filters to isolate fractions of material for a breadth of applications requiring enhanced selectivity.

  • What market needs do these technologies address? All instrument markets that generate ions at AP will benefit from higher efficiencies and sensitivities from these devices. In addition, lower deposition will result in a more rugged and maintenance-free systems.

Pseudopotential Well