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Our Philosophy

  • Patented LC/MS & Related Technologies- Our philosophy focuses on technologies that will enhance the sensitivity, specificity, selectivity, versatility, and ruggedness of atmospheric ionization in the fields of LC/MS & related areas.

  • Concentrate on Fundamentals & Enabling Technologies- We approach development of these technologies through gaining insights into the fundamental processes that lead to generation, selection and transport of ions at atmospheric pressure (AP) for detection or collection.

  • Marketing of Technologies- A primary goal is to provide access to these technologies through direct-sale and OEM components. Licensing to mainstream instrument companies, or selling selected technologies as after-market performance enhancement devices.

  • Develop Proprietary Tools & Techniques In addition to patenting, we have as a strategic objective to create proprietary tools for modeling, design, development and fabrication of our proprietary devices.

Losses at Atmospheric Interfaces to Vaccum Systems
Losses as ions travel from the atmosheric interface into the vacuum system.