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Enhanced Ion Sources

  • Problems Solved by Enhanced Sources- LC/MS and biological mass spectrometry require that we generate ions primarily at atmospheric pressure (AP). Unfortunately, most ions are lost at to the walls and conductance surfaces. Our combination of enhanced ionization, efficient optics and revolutionary conductance arrays makes our ES (electrospray), APCI (atmospheric pressure chemcial ionization), AP-MALDI, plasma, and Surface Ionization sources the highest performance in the industry.

  • Novelty of Remote Generation & Integrated Optics- Our new Remote Reagent Ion Generation (RRIG) sources enables sample ionization to occur in low or field-free reaction regions. This facilitates extremely high ionization and collection efficiencies. It also enables higher specificity in reagent chemistries by isolating the location of the reagent source from the sample reaction region.

  • What market needs do these technologies address? All instrument markets that generate ions at AP will benefit from higher efficiencies and sensitivities from these devices. In addition, lower deposition will result in a more rugged and maintenance-free systems.