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Enhanced Ion Optics

  • Problems Solved by Enhanced Optics- Since there is little or no inertia at atmospheric pressure (AP), collection and transmission of ions from AP sources requires that "all forces" at "all locations" must be evaluated & controlled. The superimposition of flow and field requires that we entrain gases with local walls while simultaneously moving ions in applied fields. This complexity, coupled with heat transfer and ionization constraints require more rigor in design than most low pressure optics. Addressing these constraints has been the primary objective of Chem-Space product development for over a decade.

  • Novelty of Perforated High Transmission Elements-  We have developed a variety of precision surfaces that manipulate both field and flow in order to control ion compression and transmission from virtually any atmospheric pressure dispersive source.

  • What market needs do these technologies address? All instrument markets that generate ions at AP will benefit from higher efficiencies and sensitivities from these devices. In addition, lower deposition will result in a more rugged and maintenance-free systems.

LAM-Atmospheric Focusing

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