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Selected Presentations

Enhanced Ion Conductance

  • Problems Solved by Enhanced Conductance- These patents address the major transport loss mechanism of ions generated at atmospheric pressure (AP). The requirement of a conductance restriction at AP to limit gas load into vacuum requires that ion squeeze through a relatively small [usually low field region]. Ions generated from high fields (ES and APCI) will expand through the conductance opening and are then lost to the walls of the vacuum entrance.

  • Novelty of Laminated Tubes & Conductance Arrays- We have developed laminated tubes and arrays to more precisely control both gas and ion transmission through this region, resulting in significantly higher transmission efficiencies.

  • What market needs do these technologies address?  All instrument markets that generate ions at AP will benefit from higher efficiencies and sensitivities from these devices. In addition, lower deposition will result in a more rugged and maintenance-free systems.

Laminated Tube/ISA

ISA-Cut Away