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Contract Research

Overview of Contract Services

  • Industrial ContractResearch- We have engaged in a number of projects in support of instrument industry research and development efforts. We endeavor to isolate projects and limit access to laboratory facilities by non-project personnel. Our primary focus has been in mass spectrometry and related products.

  • Technology Evaluations- We have engaged in a number of contractual evaluations of our proprietary technologies as they apply to potential commercial applications.

  • SBIR- We have engaged in five SBIR contracts in technical areas of low pressure electrospray, atmospheric pressure focusing, atmospheric pressure quadrupoles, seeded electrospray ionization and ion selective aperture arrays(see IP & Patents). A number of these technologies are available at this time through our component products. Several technologies have been licensed.

  • Subcontracting- We have a continuous background of contracts in support of government and industrial clients. These generally focus on optics, source development and novel detection applications.

SIMION: Simulation
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