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  • "Mass Spectrometry Desk Reference" by O. David Sparkman (2006, 2nd edition; 2000, 1st edition) ISBN 0-9660813-9-0. Paperback.

 Mass Spec Desk Reference The recent explosion of applications with mass spectrometry to solving problems in chemical and bioanalytical analysis requires scientists from all disciplines to become conversant in the language and symbolism of mass spectrometry. Failure to do so may result in confusion, misrepresentation and significantly diminished communication-both written and oral. This fully updated desk reference is compiled to give newcomers and seasoned practitioners the information they need to be successful for communicating ideas in mass spectrometry.

2nd edition (2006) $37.54 !

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1st edition (2000) $29.95 !

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Review of 1st editon: Jr. of Chemcial Education, 2001.  
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