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Pittsburgh , Pa. , June 20, 2006--Global View Publishing has recently released the second edition of O. David Sparkman's Mass Spec Desk Reference. This fully updated and expanded second edition is an invaluable tool for scientists and students using mass spectrometry due to the up to date terminology and technology. The recent explosion of applications with mass spectrometry to solving problems in chemical and biochemical analysis requires an increasing number of scientists from all disciplines to become conversant in the language and symbolism of mass spectrometry. Failure to do so can result in confusion, misrepresentation, and significantly diminished communications-both written and oral. This fully updated desk reference is compiled to give newcomers and seasoned practitioners the information they need to successfully communicate ideas in mass spectrometry.

The value of this new edition is to enable readers to keep up and communicate more effectively through written and oral presentations and give them the tools to select the appropriate terminologies for specific applications. To those in the scientific field, proposals are everything. This book gives readers the tools necessary for submitting higher-quality and more persuasive proposals. Additionally, the book also contains a comprehensive bibliography of mass spectral publications, a priceless tool for those in the mass spec field.

Mass Spec Desk Reference

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