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Pittsburgh, Pa., October 10, 2006--Global View Publishing has recently released the CD-ROM LC/MS Methods. Created by John Halket and Steve Down, this essential tool to accelerate methods development contains over 15,000 published articles. The articles contain information on methods, separation conditions, compounds, compound classes, instrumental techniques and acquisition parameters. With a tool such as this database hours of searching and downloading references can be saved. Additionally, the program will reduce your cost of development and your time-to-method cycle by eliminating time-consuming optimization steps.

When broken down by category this fundamental tool contains the following:

  • Instrument type & acquisition conditions

  • Assays with detection limits, LOD's, etc.

  • 3,000 items on drugs

  • 2,300 items on peptides & proteins

  • 700 items on nucleotides & DNA

  • 600 items on pesticide

  • 10,00 items on electrospray

  • 1,300 items on APCI

  • 1,150 environmental items

  • 860 items on food

  • 450 forensic items

LC/MS Methods 

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