Jorgenson at ASMS on the Future of LC/MS
LC-GC 29, pages 556, 558 (July 2011).  ASMS conference attendees can watch a video of Dr Jorgenson's lecture at

ES & Water-

Water's Surface is Different from Bulk
Wilson, E., "Storm in a teacup: Water's surface is different from the bulk solution, but how remains tangled question," C&EN 88, pages 35-36 (2010).

ES On-Line Tutorials-

Secrets of ESP Ionization
Interview with Kevin Schug (Univ. of Texas at Arlington): The secrets of electrospray ionization: Why less is more.
at LC-GC 29, page 282 (march 2011).  The complete interview at:  LC-GC

Interpreting Electrospray Mass Spectra

Little Encyclopedia of Mass Spectrometry

ES Key Reference(s)-

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