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Arnaud, C.H., "Lipids take charge", C&EN 89, pages 15-16, 18-20 (October 10, 2011).
LIPIDS MAPS, Lipidomics Gateway: a free, comprehensive website for researchers interested in lipid biology.
LipidomicNet Project

Stable Isotoes
Everts, S., "Isotopes mark the spot", C&EN 89, pages 32-35 (June 27, 2011).
EKW, "Isotopes track contaminant breakdown", Science & Technology Concentrates C&EN 89, page 31 (June 27, 2011).
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EPA Method 6800A, Elemental & Speciated Iostope Dilution Mass Spectrometry

Focus on MALDI-TOF & Biological MS
Vestal, M., "The future of biological mass spectrometry", J AM Soc Mass Spectrom 22, pages 953-959 (2011).

Algorithm to Improve ID of Metabolomics
Tsugawa, H., Tsujimot, Y., Arita, M., Bamba, T., Fukusaki, E., "GC/MS based metabolomics: Development of a data mining system for metabolite identification by using Soft independent Modeling of Class Analogy (SIMCA)", BMC Bioinformatics 12 page 131-143 (2011).

Micodosing: AMS (Accelerator Mass Spectometry)
CREAM (Consortium for Resourcing and Evaluating AMS Microsdosing); at TNO: TNO Steps into Microdosing, Garner, C., Microdosing: Tracing the Tracer.

High-Resolution HPLC-TOF-MS
Patrick, J.S., Siek, K., Binkley, J., Artaev, V., Mason, M., "A new path to high-resolution HPLC-TOF-MS--Survey, targeted, and trace analysis applications of TOF-MS in the analysis of complex biochemical matrices," Supplement to Spectroscopy,18-20, 22-25 (May 2011).

NIH Chemical Genomics Center (NCGC) Has Built a Comprehensive Collection of Clinically Approved Small-Molecule Drugs
BEE, "NIH creates database of approved drugs," C&EN 89, page 25 (May 2, 2011).  See: http://tripod.nih.gov/npc

Enabling Tools & Strategeis: LC/MS & Ion Mobility
Morrow, K.J., "Making stride in protein characterization," Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News 31, pages 24, 26 (Fenruary 1, 2011).

Dried Blood Spots
“Arnaud, C.H., "Technology renews a basic approach," C&EN 89, pages 13-17 (January 17, 2011).

LC/MS & NMR: ID Contaminants in Urine Stained Dipaers that May Interfere with Metabolic Profiling of Infant Diseases
Mukhopadhav, R., "Diapers may distort infant metabolic studies,” CEN-Online (January 12, 2011).

Simplyfying Prep & Assessment of ADME/Kinetic Samples
McGinley, M., Scott, G., Rivera, B., “Analyzing oligos biological matrices,” Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News 330, pages 22-23 (June 1 2010).

Metabolite ID
Dunn, W., “Metabolite identification in metabolomics,” Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News 30, pages 36-37 (April 15 2010).

LC/MS/MS: H/D Exchange LC/MS
Chen, G., Warrack, B.M., Goodenough, A.K., "Analysis of impurities and degradants in pharmaceuticals by high resolution tandem mass spectrometry and on-line H/D exchange LC/MS,” American Pharmaceutical Review 13, pages 20, 22, 24, 26 (April 2010).

Lab-Developed Tests
Erickson, B.E., "Lab-developed tests come under fire,” C&EN 88, pages 24-25 (August 9, 2010).

MS Tags
“Mass tags quantify glycosylation,” C&EN 88, pages 37-38 (August 2, 2010).

MS & The Cost of Analyzing Tobacco Products
Erickson, B.E., “Tobacco turmoil,” C&EN 88, pages 34-35 (June 28, 2010).

Data & Pathway Maps
KEGG (Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes)

The Versatility of MS
Morrow, K.J., “Mass Spectometry's Role in Discovery on the Rise,” Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News 30, pages 1, 22, 24 (May 15, 2010).

Data Overload
Shaffer, C., “New tools for dealing with data overload,” Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News 30, pages 20, 24-25, (April 15, 2010).

HPLC, MS & NMR: Aim at Metabolomics
Aldridge, S., “Metabolomics studies rise in quality,” Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News 28, pages 1, 34, 36-37 (April 1, 2008).

Matching Characterization & Validation to the Development Phase
DePlama, A., “Regulations still driving stability testing,” Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News 28, pages 38,40,42 (April 1, 2008).

Microdosing & Accelerator MS
Anonymous, “Accelerate progress,” Economist 385, pages 5-6 (December 8-14, 2007). (Microdosing Borrows from Archaeology)

Marusina, K., “Accelerator MS is a powerful new tool,” Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News 27, pages 30, 32, 34-35 (September 1, 2007).
- Early Days of AMS
- Changing the Drug Discovery Process
- New Generation of Accelerators\Molecular Biology Space
- Early Drug Discovery Process

So Goes the Pharma Business, So Goes LC/MS
Grinley, J., "Pharma challenged," C&EN 84, pages 17-18, 20-22, 24, 26-28 (December 4, 2006).

Method Transfer
Swartz, M., Krull, I., Anlytical method transfer", LCGC 24, pages 1204, 1206, 1208, 1210, 1212, 1214 (November 2006)

Careers in Proteomics
Henry, C. M., “Careers for 2002 and Beyond: Proteomics, The job market for protein biochemists with interdisciplinary savvy is on the upswing,” C&EN 80, pages 69-70, 72, 75 (2002).

2-D Gel-LC/MS vs LC/LC/MS/MS: Biomakers & Drug Discovery
Duncan, M.W., "Proteomics-based biomaker & drug discovery," Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News 26, pages 20, 23 (January 15, 2006).

Biomaker Strategies: Index of Companies with Proteomics-Enabling Tools & Technologies
Glaser, V.,  "Applying biomaker discovery strategies," Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News 26, pages 36, 38 (January 1, 2006).

MS: Plasma Biomakers
Marusina, K., "A new spin on plasma biomaker discovery," Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News 25, pages 27, 28 (November 2005).

MS: The Technique of Choice For Protein Identification
Morrow, K.J., "Applying mass spec tools in proteomics," Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News 25, pages 1, 12, 14  (September 2005).

Are Ions Generated by ES Significantly Different than those Produced by MALDI?
Jonscher, K., "Proteomics: To spray or not to spray," Genomics & Proteomics 3, pages 31-33 (2003).

The Verbs of Proteomics
Czernik, A.J., Browning, M.D., Haycock, J.W., "Phosphoproteins: The Verbs of the Proteomic Language," Bioscience Technolgy 28, pages 8, 10, 14 (2003).

Making [ES & MALDI] FT/MS Mainstream!
MacNeil, J.S., "Making FT/MS Matter," Genome Technology, pages 34-38, 40 (June 2003).

MS Rules Drug Discovery & Proteomics: Leapfrogging Technology
Kube, D.M., "Mass spectrometry: Drug discovery's essential tool," Drug Discovery & Development 6, pages 71-72, 74, 76 (2003).

MS Rules Proteomics
Jonscher, K., "Reshaping proteomics with mass spectrometry," Genomics & Proteomics 3, pages 25-28 (2003).

ADME/Tox Profiling
Gamache, P., Smith, R., Waraska, J., Acworth, I., "ADME/Tox profiling.  Using coulometric electrochemistry and electrospray ionization mass spectrometry," Spectroscopy 18, pages 14, 16, 18, 20-21 (2003).

Proteins & Their Environment
Willis, R.C., "Interfacing with the proteome," Today's Chemist at Work 12, pages 27-28, 30, 32 (2003).

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Pharmaceutical Method Validation
Webster, G.K., Basel, C.L., "Critical pairs in column chromatography: A Primer for pharmaceutical method validation, mensional liquid chromatography in proteomic studies," LC GC 21, pages 286, 288, 290, 292, 294 (2003).

Affinity Techniques
Wehr, T., "Affinity selection techniques for proteomic stuides, " LC GC 21, pages 274, 276, 278, , 280, 282, 284 (2003).

Wehr, T., "Multidimensional liquid chromatography in proteomic studies," LC GC Europe 16, pages 154, 156-158. 160-162 (2003).

Isis Pharmaceutical Tries to Make a Detector That Can Find Nearly Any Biopathogen: ES-FTMS & TIGER (triangulation identification for genetic evaluation risks)
Stix, G., "The universal biosensor," American Scientific 287, pages 37-39 (November 2002).

In Situ Proteomics
Rayzer, M.L. Caprioli, R.M., "In situ proteomics," Modern Drug Discovery pages 45-46, 48 (October 2002).

Glycomics & MS
Lesney, M.S., "Next stop glycomics," Modern Drug Discovery pages 45-46, 48 (October 2002).

Proteomics: The need for every major spectroscopic instrument
Lesney, M.S., "Playing the protein polyphony," Today's Chemist at Work 11, pages 36-38, 41 (October 2002).

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Combinatorial Chemistry
Verheij, H., Robeson, B.L., "The role of chemical diversity in drug discovery," Genomic/Proteomic Technology 2, pages 32, 34-35 (September/October 2002).

Solubility of the 50 Best-Seling Drugs for 2000
Berger, T.A., Smith, J., Fogelman, K, Kruluts, K., "Semipreparative chiral separations using supercritical fluid chromatography with stacked injections," American Laboratory 34, page 14, 16, 18, 20 (October 2002).

Proteomics Select
The virtual Journal of Proteomics

MALDI, Atmospheric MALDI & LC/MS
Musselman, B., Jonscher, K., "Emerging liquid chromatography-MALDI: Enabling high-throughput capability," American Genomic/Proteomic Technology 2, pages 22, 24-27 (July/August 2002).

New Technology for Proteomics
Stevenson, R., "PITTCON'02 offers new technology for proteomics," American Genomic/Proteomic Technology 2, pages 6-11 (July/August 2002).

Combinatorial Chemistry
Cheng, X., Hochlowski, J., "Current application of mass spectrometry to combinatorial chemistry," Anal. Chem. 74, pages 2679-2690 (2002).

Acyl Glucuronides
Wainhaus, S. B., White, R. E., Dunn-Meynell, K., Grotz, D. E., Weston, D. J., Veals, J., Korfmacher, W. A., "Semi-quantitation of acyl glucuronides in early drug discovery by LC-MS/MS," American Pharmaceutical Reviews 5, pages 86, 88, 90, 92-93 (2002).

Sample Prep for Genomics
Majors, R. E., "Automation of sample preparation for genomics," LC GC 20, pages 416,420, 422, 424, 428, 428 (2002).

Noncovalent Complexes
Santora, L. C., Krull, I. S., Grant, K., "Determination of recombinant monclonal antibodies and noncovalent antigen THFa trimer using Q-TOF mass spectrometry, Spectroscopy 17, pages 50-57(2002).

Ion Mobility-TOF Analysis of Proteins
IMS-TOF developed by David Clemmer (Indiana University) license to Beyond Genomics.  “The Next Dimension in Protein Analysis,” Genome Technology pages 5, 52 (February 2002).

Ion Mobility-TOF Analysis of Proteins
Liu, Y., Valentine, S. J., Counterman, A. E., Hoaglund, C. S., Clemmer, D. E. “Injected-ion mobility analysis of biomolecules,” Anal. Chem., pages 728A-735A (1997).

The Handbook of Analysis & Purification of Peptides & Proteins by Reverse-Phase HPLC
Vydac (The Separation Group) (1995).

Automation & Robotics
R&D Magazine (January 2002).

Review of the sessions at HPLC 2001 related to Proteomics, Genomics, & Metabolomics
Stevenson, R., "Everything is Related to Everything," American Biotechnology Laboratory 43, pages 20, 22 (September 2001). 

Center for Drug Evaluation & Research
Report to the Nation 2000: Improving Public Health Through Human Drugs

Data Interchange
Julian, R. K., "Mass spectrometry data interchange, An overview of the ASTM MS Standard" Scientific Computing & Instrumentation 18, pages 32-36 (2001).

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Columns & Electrospray LC/MS, Part I
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Columns & Electrospray LC/MS, Part II
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Isolation & ID of Impurities
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Isolation & ID of Impurities
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Metabolite ID in Drug Discovery
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Mechanisms of Fragmentation of Peptides Analyzed by MALDI-PSD-MS & ES-CAD-MS/MS
Sadagopan, N., Watson, J. T.,  "Mass Spectrometric Evidence for Mechanisms of Fragmentation of Charge-Derivatized Peptides," J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom 12, page 399-409 (2000).

Technology Can Have a Greater Impact on Error Reduction than Human Behavior Modification.
Felder, R.A., "ALA Meeting and Lab Automation 2000," American Laboratory 32, pages 44, 46, 48-49 (2000).

Fast LC/MS or Flow Injection MS, Pick Your Poison
Yu, K., Balogh, M., "A Protocol for High-throughput Drug Mixture Quantitation: Fast LC-MS or Flow Injection Analysis-MS?", LC-GC, 19, page 60,62, 64, 66, 68, 70, 72 (2000)

Nucleoside 5'-Triphosphates
Moore, J.D., Valette, G., Darque, A., Zhou, X-J., Sommadossi, J-P., "Simultaneous Quantitation of the 5'-Triphosphate Metabolites of Zidovudine, Lamivudine, and Stavudine in Peripheral Mononuclear Blood Cells of HIV Infected Patients by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Tandem mass Spectrometry," J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom 11, page 1134-1143

Internet Portal for Pharmaceutical Scientist
American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientist

Protein Structure
Henry, C.M., "Protein Structure By Mass Spec," C&EN 78, pages 22-26 (2000).

Ion Suppression: The most common reason for assay failure!!!
Miller-Stein, C, Bonfiglio, R., Olah, T. V., King, R. C., "Rapid Method Development of Quantitative LC-MS/MS Assays for Drug Discovery," American Pharmaceutical Review 3, pages 54, 56, 58, 60-61 ( 2000).

Systemic Approach to the Development of HPLC Methods
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Scaling Gradient LC Methods to LC-MS
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Look Mom No More Gels!
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Combinatorial Chemistry
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Borman, S., "Proteomics: Taking Over Where Genomics Leaves Off", C&EN 78, pages 31-37, July 31, 2000.

LC/MS TOF & Drug Quantification
Zhang, N., Fountain, S.T., Bi, H., Rossi, D.T., "Quantification & Rapid Metabolite Indentification in Drug Discovery Using API Time-of-Flight LC/MS,"  Anal. Chem. 72, pages 800-806

Adduct Scanning Algorithm
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Effects of LC Chemical Composition on ES
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Electrospray-FTMS Method using Stable Isotopes for Characterizing Proteins Resulting from the Environmental Stresses
Smith, R.D., "xxx," J. Am. Chemical Soc. 121. pages 7949-x (1999).

H/D Exchange of Proteins in Solution (Account & Perspective)

Sequencing Cyclic Peptides
Ngoka, L.C.M., Gross, M.L., "Multistep Tandem Mass Spectrometry for Seqeuncing Cyclic Peptides in an Ion-Trap Mass Spectrometer" J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom 10, pages 732-741

Rapid Desalting Dialyzer for Mass Spectrometry
"Rapid desalting dialyzer: removes ions & molecules below the molecular weight cutoff of 30,000 daltons. Replace alkali metal cations with volatile ammonium ions", Current Separation 18, page 61 (1999).

Pharmaceuticalsolymer Analysis
Gilpin, R.K., Pachla, L.A., "Pharmaceuticals and related drugs," Anal. Chem. 71, pages 217R-233R (1999).

ES of Drug Candidates from Solutions of Containing High Electrolyte Concnetrations
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Protein Hydrolysis by Vapor-Phase Acid Hydrolysis
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High Through-put Organic Chemistry
Coffey, P., Ramieri, J., Garr, C., Schultz, L., "An open, multivendor specification for high-throughput organic chemistry (HTOC): A flexible production process for pure, charactized, quantified organic compunds,"  American Laboratory 31, pages 57-71
(February 1998).

N-in-1 Dosing
Liang, L., Chi, C., Wright, M., Timby, D., Unger, S., "Use of the N-in-1 approach for rapid pharmacokinectic screening of drug candidates using LC-MS-MS," American Laboratory 30, pages 11-14 (1998).

Screening for High-Affinity Ligands to the SRC SH2 Domain Using Capillary Ioselectric Focusing-Electrospray Ionization Ion trap Mass Spectrometry
Lyubarskaya, Y.V., Carr, S.A., Dunnington, D., Prichett, W.P., Fisher, S.M., Appelbaum, E.R., Jones, C.S., Karger, B.L.,"Anal. Chem. 70, pages 4761-4770 (1998).

Binding with MS
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Application of High Performance Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry in the Environmental and Biological Monitoring of Health Care Personnel Occupationally Exposed to Cyclophosphamide and Ifosfamide
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The Use of High-Flow High Performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled with Positive and Negative Ion Electrospray Tandem Mass Spectrometry for Quantitative Bioanalysis via Direct Injection of the Plasma/Serum Samples
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Fast Analysis Helps Laboratory Staff Meet Deadlines & Minimize Cost & Backlog
Sparacino, C.M., Voyksner, R.D., "Do I need an ion trap, triple or TOF?," Pharmaceutical Laboratory 1, page 52 (October 1998).

Advanced BiochipTechnology to be Developed
Partnership between Motorola, Packard Instrument, Argonne National Laboratory & Russian Academy of Science's Englehardt Institute of Molecular Biology.

Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening

Mass Spectrometry in Trace Analysis
Betham, R.A., Boyd, R.K., J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom., pages 643-648 (1998).

Atmospheric Pressure Ionization LC/MS/MS Techniques for Drug Disposition Studies
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Combination of LC-MS & LC-NMR as a Tool for the Structural Determination of Natural Products
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Current mass Spectrometric Methods in Organic Chemistry
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High Through-Put Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry Bioanalysis Using 96-Well Disk Solid Phase Extraction Plate for the Sample Preparation
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Sample Preparation for LC/MS/MS: Analyzing Biological & Environmental Samples
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LC/MS and CE/MS in the Pharmaceutical Industry
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Noncovalent Protein Interactions Using H/D Exchange: pages 692R
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Current Practice of Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
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Pharmaceuticals and Related Drugs
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The Influence of Strongly Acidic Groups on the Protonation of Peptides in Electrospray MS
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Mass Spectrometry.
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LC/MS Update and Soft Ionization (a bimonthly international journal).
HD Science, 242 N. James Street, Tower Office Park, Suite 202, Newport, Wilmington, DE 19804-3168, USA, Phone: 302-994-8026, Fax: 302-994-8837.