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How to use the LC/MS homepage?

This Figure reproduced from "A Global View of LC/MS," (2002) with permission from Global View Publishing, Pittsburgh, PA.

This site is designed to provide access to up-to-date information about LC/MS and enhance the overall knowledge of LC/MS. We provide a section customized for newcomers to LC/MS who seek basic understanding of the capabilities and analytical utilities of the various LC/MS techniques. We provide section for practitioners [ Problem Solvers ] who seek common tables and help with their practical problems. We provide information about availability of LC/MS hardware [ Manufacturers ] and sample analysis [ Contract Labs ]. It is our hope that newcomers, as well as experts, and everyone in-between, will find this information well organized and structured to address their specific needs.

We would encourage you to e-mail us at to give us your ideas and thought about this site, for example, How we can improve it? However, any topic relating to LC/MS is open for discussion. If you have a specific question or problem; pose the question to the " The LC/MS Home Page". We value and appreciate your input.