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Para-Books: Two Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Books- Traldi et al. and Yergey et al. (Both Published 2006) - Product Image
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Para-Books: Two Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Books- Traldi et al. and Yergey et al. (Both Published 2006)

Anyone doing quantitative mass spectrometry should consider both affordable titles: "Quantitative Applications of Mass Spectrometry" by Pietro Traldi, Franco Magno, Irma Lavagnini, & Roberta Seraglia (2006) This text presents the information needed to design a successful quantitative anal.ysis using mass spectrometric techniques currently available and widely employed. It is devoted to the researchers of different areas, who use mass spectrometry as a detector suitable for the measurements of their interest. Features include a 'how-to' text for the practitioner focusing on quantification rather than instrumental design and techniques; up-to-date structured text describing methods, experimental strategy, capabilities and limitations, with data analysis and interpretation; and brings together material widely dispersed in the pertinent literature into one unique source .........."The Principles of Quantitative Mass Spectrometry" by Mark W. Duncan, P. Jane Gale, & Alfred L. Yergey (2006) Despite the critic role of mass spectrometry in quantitation analysis, there is a paucity of didactic texts dealing with this area. Written by three experienced mass spectrometrists, this book will prove to be an indispensable practical guide to those interested in understanding, developing, and refining approaches to quantification based on mass spectrometry. Although targeted at the newcomer to the field, managers, teachers, and experienced practitioners alike will find this to be a valuable resource. Features include, instrument characteristics needed for quantitative analysis, issues of fitness for purpose, preparation of the calibration curve and assessing its quality, assay validation, protein quantification and proteomics, and guidelines for publication of mass spectral quantitative assays.
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