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LC/MS is Our Business

Chem-Space Associates, Incorporated, was founded in 1995 by Drs. Ross Willoughby, Ed Sheehan, and Sam Mitrovich in order to develop practical tools to facilitate the growth, reliability, and efficiency of LC/MS (liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry). A Global View of LC/MS is more than the title of our book and short course; it accurately describes our companies mission. LC/MS is rapidly becoming an indispensable tool for solving many of the critical problems and answering many important questions facing our global society. We will endeavor to promote the productive use of LC/MS in all industries and in all regions of the globe. This will be done through development of LC/MS training tools, LC/MS management tools, LC/MS technologies; LC/MS products and services.

What are our products and services?


  • Conductance Arrays to Replace Tubes & Apertures

  • Custom Ion Optical Components for Research

  • Enhanced & Custom Atmospehric Pressure Ionization Sources

  • Performance Enhancing Technologies to Facilitate Development in LC/MS

  • Key Information for Practitioners & Students in LC/MS & Related Areas

  • Micro-Optics for Mass Spectrometry

  • Intellectual Property Related to LC/MS


  • Consulting for Business & Technology Development

  • Contract Research-Focused on Instrument & Technology

  • Publishing Topics Related to LC/MS as Global View Publishing

  • Training and Education- Short Sources on Structured Problem-Solving with LC/MS

  • Information- Developers & Sponsor of "The LC/MS Homepage"

  • Technology Evaluations in LC/MS & Related Areas

  • Applications Support in LC/MS