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How Do We Eliminate Ion Loses at Atmospheric Pressure?

Where Loses Occur

check Did you know that typical atmospheric pressure (AP) ionization sources detect only about one-in-ten thousand ions generated at atmospheric pressure? In addition, most of the ions are deposited on the walls of the source and along the conductance pathway before getting into vacuum? Sources generate currents from 100's of nAmps with electrospray to 10's
of uAmps with APCI, but the best sources conduct only a few
nAmps into vacuum. arrows

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Keeping the Barn Door Open!!!

Excellance Award

check We are very honored to receive in the 2006 the Award"Award of Excellance" from Study Sphere of Excellence from Study Sphere for our educational site. This follows a similar "Academic Excellance Award" from Study Webaward we received from Study Web several years back. It is nice to have our efforts acknowledged again. arrows

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What are our alternatives?

check To address the significant ion loss at atmospheric pressure, we must evaluate where and how
ions are lost. The inherent dispersive nature of spray and electro-hydrodynamic sources makes sampling ions through a typical cross-section of several hundreds of microns in diameter problematic. arrows

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Chem-Space Technology

check Our goal to develop key technologies to facilitate the growth     of LC/MS is headed in a positive direction with the issuance of our 22nd patent in 2011. We have concentrated on the development of:

Enhanced Ion Sources

Enhanced Ion Optics
Enhanced Ion Conductance
Collision Cells & Analyzers